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How to create engaging video content

You and us together - let's create!

2 - Craft Visual Content

This is your marketing language. This is how the world remembers you. It is visual, it has emotional weight and it has an impact. Let's make it unforgettable.

This is done with the tools that are right for the job. From production to post production. 

1 - Find your Story

This is where it's at. The core of everything. Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going? How does this translate into an engaging story? How do we craft powerful content out of these ideas?

The answers will determine what comes next: Prduction

3 - Evaluate and Repeat

This is an ongoing process. The creation never ends. Every evolution is more powerful,  closer to your core. In the end, your legend will be edged in history. (very dramatic,  we know). Perfection comes over time. 

Video Production Workflow in Detail

  1. Pre-Production:

    • Briefing: Meet with client to understand their goals and requirements for the video.

    • Concept Development: Generate ideas and concepts for the video.

    • Script Writing: Write the script that outlines the story and dialogue.

    • Storyboarding: Create visual representations of the scenes and shots.

    • Cast & Crew: Select actors and hire crew members.

    • Scheduling: Create a production schedule.

  2. Production:

    • Set Preparation: Set up and decorate the filming location.

    • Filming: Capture footage using cameras, lighting and sound equipment.

    • Directing: Guide the cast and crew to achieve the desired visual and audio effects.

  3. Post-Production:

    • Editing: Assemble the footage and add special effects, music and sound effects.

    • Color Correction: Adjust the color and brightness of the footage.

    • Sound Mixing: Balance and mix the sound levels.

    • Visual Effects: Add computer-generated graphics and animation.

    • Final Cut: Review and make any final tweaks to the video.

  4. Distribution:

    • Deliver the final video to the client in the desired format.

    • Publish on social media and other platforms for maximum reach.

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